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A-FITS Academy prides itself in the delivery and execution of meeting every autistic child's needs. We have small classroom sizes with a high teacher to student ratio which is optimal to achieving student progress. 


Our programs are tailored to your child's academic, social, behavioral, and therapeutic needs. We provide opportunities for project-based learning, whole group activities as well as small group instruction, and independent tasking; all this is coupled with community-based learning where your child will be exposed to a multitude of learning modalities that will enhance their ability to access the real world. 



All academic instruction is aligned to the Arizona State Standards. We take a multi-sensory approach to teaching new skills. We utilize small group instruction and modify where needed. 

Girl in Classroom


Our social emotional learning curriculum is designed to help children with autism develop an awareness of emotions and build social relationships in the school, home, and community.

Kids Racing
Childs Pyschologist


Our staff are trained to apply ABA techniques within the learning environment to assist students with learning new skills and behavior modification.  

Autism Therapy

Structured Teacch

Structured Teacch Model is an important part of the classroom structure. Our teachers implement this system to increase learning independence.  


Sensory regulation is an important part of our program. Each classroom applies sensory techniques to help students focus and attend to tasks therfore increasing their ability to achieve.  

Child Activity


A-FITS believes that having access to specials such as art, music, technology, adaptive PE, library, gardening etc. are important to your child's development. 

Graduation Ceremony

Transition Services

A-FITS teaches students how to generalize transition skills through classroom routines and  community outings by developing skills that will prepare them for their transition to adulthood. Transition preparation starts now.  

Child in Air Yoga


A-FITS provides  therapy services within the classroom setting. These services can range from, Speech, OT, Music, Equine, and pet therapy. We are always looking to increase our therapeutic services. 

Functional Instruction

Students receive curriculum presented to them in a way that makes sense to them. Modifications to materials and modalities of instruction are tailored to each specific student to create a functional learning environment.

Teacher and Pupil

Extra Curricular Activities

Students have the opportunity to take part in clubs, dances, social meet-ups, fieldtrips, assemblies, talent shows, schoolwide performances and more! Students can socially interact with peers outside of the classroom settings. 

Music Class
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