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A-FITS was created to help families with students who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. A-FITS recognizes that the prevalence of autism is estimated at 1 in 40 births in the state of Arizona. A-FITS feels that there needs to be choices for families to seek out the best educational experiences for their children; and with so few choices we felt the need to provide another viable option for families. All too often families struggle with receiving quality educational experiences (that we can provide) from the public-school setting. We are committed to providing an educational experience that F.I.T.S. your child's autism thus Autism F.I.T.S. was born!


What does the F.I.T.S. mean in Autism F.I.T.S.

F.I.T.S. is a fun acronym that helps to describe our philosophy. 

F= Functional 

I= Instruction &

T= Transition

S= Services

Functional Instruction- We believe that every child deserves access to the curriculum in a way that they can understand and learn. This may require multiple approaches, modifications, strategies, and/or interventions.

Transition Services- It is our belief that it is never too early to work on transition skills. Our beliefs are that students who begin learning these skills at an early age will give every child the foundation needed to be as successful and independent as possible.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to raise awareness and to provide students on the autism spectrum an individualized accessible education where a focused safe learning environment fosters growth and promotes life-long learners. 

Our Vision, at Autism FITS Academy, we believe that every child with Autism deserves the opportunity to succeed. We are committed to creating an innovative and enriched environment that is engaging and responsive to each child at every stage of their development. We are dedicated to unlocking the potential of each child, nurturing their uniqueness and overcoming their challenges.

Chalkboard Drawings

Mission Goal

Our Goal is to expand access to educational, social, and therapeutic opportunities for children with Autism and their families. We want to provide families educational options that are currently unavailable to them.

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