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In the Classroom



Autism F.I.T.S. Academy.
Where Every Child With Autism FITS!

5044 W. Cactus Rd. Glendale 85304

OR CALL 602-456-1633

Welcome To A-FITS! 

We are a private school specializing in the educational development of children diagnosed with Autism. We believe that every child with Autism should have equal opportunities to grow and learn. We specialize in individualized instruction and take a functional approach to helping students meet their educational goals.

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A-FITS provides students with an opportunity to access the general education curriculum through individualization and modification. We utilize various curriculums to achieve optimum sucess while providing curricular supports which are implemented according to each child's specific needs.


Tuition & Enrollment

A-FITS is a tuition based private school. We have scholarships available that are easy to apply to. We can assist with walking you through the process of applying. We do accept the ESA scholarship and can assist you with its navigation.  

Friendly Circle

Behavior Intervention

A-FITS provides positive behavior supports, interventions, and modifications that assist students with self-regulation, replacement behaviors, coping mechanisms, and developing new skills through ABA. 



A-FITS students participate in various therapies throughout the day.   Therapies help students to access the curriculum, develop new skills, and work on key development areas that are necessary for your child's success. 

Child In Speech Therapy

Social Development

Social development and peer connections is what we are all about. We look for those teachable moments during social interaction and help our students to connect both socially and appropriately.  

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